Downtown Bomb Scare...

According to the Austin American Statesman, Today on May 14th, the main criminal courthouse was evacuated because of an alleged bomb scare due to a suspicious package. The justice center which was well under way with classes, trials, and mock trials were all postponed due to this package which belonged to a man who had been watched for a few weeks. Honestly these attempted bomb attacks that have been tacking place lately are getting pathetic. These people have nothing else better to do than to go blow holes into the sides of buildings for their own sake of empowerment. Lets focus on getting them some psychological help while they are in jail because thats whats in order for these people. Even though there were no explosives found the fact that someone left their bag it was very disruptive and caused many delays. Knowingly aware of the fact of when you leave unattended items in public building paronoia will sink into peoples heads because this happens so often, why would you do it? For thrills, for attention, for no reasoning? This is just a blimp our daily life and as long as people were not hurt those will talk about it for the next week or so and then it will be last months news. Gladly no one was hurt and the package wasnt harmful. Just another day in Austin!

Austin Boycotting Arizona!

According to the Austin American Statesman, The Austin City Council decided on Thursday that it would be best to protest business and travel with Arizona due to the new law enforced by the state. This law will allaow law enforcement to detain people at their own discretion if they suspect they are in the country illegally. To many this law is absurd and can be seen a racial profiling and is causing an uproar throughout the whole country. I find that if people are really serious about this then they would stop boycotting and instead they would just move out of Arizona. This law has been legal for quite some time its just that now its actually beiong enacted. It does seem like racial profiling for pulling over a Mexican/American just because they are Mexican, and it is unfair on many different levels. The thing is this, we just need to come up with another way of handling this situation of immigration. By picking out people at random we really arent going to do much good. This is just going to continue to cause citizens to boycott and rebel against authorities. By Austin boycotting Arizona, they may have a slight loss in some business but these arent significant enough to really put a dent in this ordeal.

Houston Teacher, Sheri Davis beating up a thirteen year old!

On April 29th, a 40 year old teacher apparently beat up a thirteen year old student, Isaiah Reagins. She repeatedly kicked him and slapped him in the face while other students and adults watched. I have to say that I agree with my fellow blogger when i say that if this were my child then that teacher would be hurt. Hes right when saying the school is cowardly for trying to cover up the incident they should have taken immediate action. The fact that other adults watch this unfold as if it were a joke is ridiculous, they literally just stand and watch as the FORTY year old teacher beats a THIRTEEN year old. The aggression that must have been accumulating in this teachers head clearly unleashes relentlessly on this poor kid. Even if the child did provoke punishment because of wrong-doing, the situation should have been dealt with in proper protocol. Im sure that most parents would remove thier children from schools if they knw this is what happens when the drop their kids off at 8am. The blogger Robbie Cooper is one of these people who wouldnt let his children attend public school. I agree that it can be rough in public schools, but this could aslo happen at any institution whether it be free or tuition based. I feel like Cooper got the point across to the readers by denouncing this foul behavior as well as expressing emotions that would be expressed by many others. Most would have to agree that they would take matters into their own hands if their children were put in this type of predicament.


According to the Associated Press , on Thursday, February 18, 2010, A man crashed a small plane into the IRS eschon building in Austin, Texas. The event occured just before 10 a.m. setting off fear in everyones heart surrounding the location. This article goes into depth about the details the events that occured today. Joseph Stack III was announced to be the suicide pilot who was responsible for the tragedy at the IRS. Over 200 IRS workers were in the builing when the attack occured injuring 13 and putting 2 in critical condition. The tradgedy that stuck today is relevant to the citizens of Austin because the ordeal is reminiscent of September 11th and puts fear into our hearts. Although the attack may not have caused any deaths other than the pilot it may possibly have an affect on the process of tax dealings. Posponing tax relations may affect citizens in a major way delaying tax returns that many hope to recieve in a timely manner. As well as possible delays on tax dealing, the ordeal will affect the city of Austin financially and psychologically. Set backs in reconstuction may put dampers on local jons in the Eschon 2 builing and may cause delays in traffic. As for the psycholical affects, workers that were involved in the attack may deal with post traumatic stress and will cause them to not feel as safe in their own work enviornment. The most we can learn from todays tragedy is that although the world may bring us strenuous situations we have to move foward and regroup. Support is key to the healing process for many that may have been affected by the ordeal and Austin will recover.


Austin Staying Afloat.

Recently I read about some good news for those on the job hunt in the Austin Statesman. The Statesman editorial board discusses a few new announcements that Facebook and Yingli Green Americas Inc. plan to open new units in Austin. This would altogether add at least 500 hundred new jobs to the Austin job market, therefore decreasing the unemployement toll. Seeing how our area has lost over 2,500 hundred jobs last year alone, I am in agreement with the editorial baord when they say that this is a step in the right direction. Also discussed was the fact that Austin is in competition with Phoenix, AZ for the new Yingli Inc. unit so hopefully we become the lucky winners, we need to pick up the slack when it comes to the jobs lost.

As well as the announcements regarding Facebook and Yingli, Hanger Orthopedics Group and LegalZoom Inc. have made decisions to open new operations in Austin. The board goes on to discuss the effects that these new jobs will have on Ausitn and state that they appear to be low risk, a will return on a modest investment. As well as the economic boost that will be noticed locally, our city will be one of the few that is above this recession. In the editorial, the board mentions CNN's Tom Foreman reporting on Austin, saying that " Their community is building up its economy, while the recession is holding much of the country down." and he notes that Austin is "hanging tough" as the nation still struggles. This being very true, I'm pretty sure its safe to say that we may be wierd, but we sure are tough.

The Statesmans editorial board makes valid points about the good news in the job force and keeps us hopeful of our continuing success in stayin afloat while in this recession. Overall the editorial makes sense and maintains a sense of simplicity while being informative, "short, sweet, and to the point."